Sevna Software was created by Aaron Waddingham who provides his software knowledge and experience to clients on a contractual basis.

Through the Sevna Software website we aim to produce two outcomes, the first is to provide potential clients with the opportunity to get a glimpse of that knowledge and experience and how best that may be integrated into the needs of their business. The second is to provide interesting and useful content so that anyone can begin their own journey within the Software Development domain by looking at a variety of topics from those needed to get an introduction to the field to more in-depth material.

At Sevna Software we believe that a T-Shaped developer, that is a developer who holds a breadth of experience but also a depth within a given subject, can provide a lot more value for interested parties. Those who are interested in Software Development from various perspectives, such as from the Developer themselves and the client or employer looking for their next hire. Our goal is to become the place any party can come to a feel confident the information they receive is correct, up-to-date, and relevant.